We offer free domestic (orders shipping within the USA) on orders over 75$. For our international consumers on orders that exceed the same amount (not considering shipping) we refund the same amount the domestic shipping would cost.


For the moment we combine orders, as long as they are under the same customers name and address and haven't been shipped yet. If you need anything of the sort, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our email (bydanyvianna@gmail.com)


We offer a variety of finishes in the shop, but some are marked with extra labels on the bottles just to help your growing collection and easy assessment of what they offer:

If your bottle has a thermomether besides our label it means your polish is a thermal. A thermal polish changes with the temperature, from your body and from the enviroment around you. To make the thermal properties last longer the ideal way to store them is in a darker space where it wont be affected by the weather. So it won't make the temperature change while in the bottle. 


Have you ever wondered how a thermal polish functions? Or what makes it change? The pigment we use already cames with the property, so it a very tiny micro particle that has a property to change colors when it reachs a certain temperature. Usually between 31C and 37C. Even on that tiny level, all those particles have a limit on how many times they can change. So the ideal way to store them is in an dark enviroment where it wont reach high temperatures.


If you live like in Brazil, oer example, where one is 19C, and in teh other is nearly 40C, the best recommendation is to store it in the lower shelf of your fridge. Simply because its a stable enviroment and is the less cold part in the fridge. But what you need to keep in mind is that as long your bottle don't change from its natural state (usually the cold color) you don't need to change any storage places. Just make sure its not in the shelve that gets sunlight for example.


If your bottle has a magnet besides our label it means your polish is a magnetic. A magnetic polish has a special pigment that, when used with a special magnet, usually a neodymium one, can make different designs and effects on the nails. The magnet must be used while the polish is still wet, so the magnetic particles can move alongside your nail. Once dry, they will stay where they were.


If your bottle has a lightining bolt besides your label it means your polish has reflective glitter on it. What is the difference between a reflective glitter and a normal metallic or holo glitter? Reflective glitters have a property that makes them shine as they constrast alongside the light. You'll see their gleam more contrasting when at night where any light will shine. Or even on the sunshine.


If your bottle has a moon with sun rays it means your polish glows in the dark. Most GITD polishes need to 'charged' either by sunlight or any lamplight or UV light.